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Our products

Sire Line

Norsvin Duroc

The Norsvin Duroc is a robust, productive and lean terminal sire line. Norsvin Duroc sired piglets are vital and have a high daily gain.

  • Vital piglets with a high lean meat percentage
  • Very low feed conversion rate
  • High meat quality
  • Bred with CT scan technology


Top Pi

The Top Pi is the boar for integrated and farrow-to-finish producers delivering to processors that want slaughter pigs with a very good conformation and outstanding carcass quality.

  • Excellent carcass quality, low backfat and high loin depth levels
  • Excellent feed efficiency
  • Good uniformity
  • Good meat quality
  • Strong and vital piglets, low mortality
  • Efficient production



The Tempo boar excels in vitality of its progeny. Tempo offspring are fast growing, strong and robust pigs from birth to market. They have a high total feed efficiency through low mortality and efficient feed use.

  • Very high resistance and robustness
  • High number of live-born piglets per litter
  • Strong, uniform and rapidly growing pigs
  • High feed intake and high performance, even under challenging conditions
  • Ideally suited for restricted-feeding and liquid-feeding systems
  • Excellent loins and tender meat



The Talent boar is a perfect fit for integrated and farrow-to-finish producers using ad lib feeding systems and looking for efficient finishing pigs for the fresh meat market. Talent produces fast growing pigs with good carcass quality.

  • Efficient progeny combining high daily gain with low feed conversion
  • Progeny suitable for ad-lib feeding systems
  • Uniform and vigorous finishers
  • Good meat percentage and excellent hams
  • High carcass and meat quality