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Our products

Sow lines

Topigs 20

Topigs 20 is an easy to manage sow that weans high number of piglets with a low amount of labor input. The Topigs 20 is a parent sow that produces large number of high quality finishing piglets in her productive life.

  • High fertility: large number of piglets produced per litter
  • Excellent mothering abilities
  • Calm and self-reliant with robust legs
  • Production of vigorous piglets with high daily gain and low feed conversion rate

Read about the experiences with Topigs 20 in the article
Topigs 20 shows its potential with 69.5 pigs per sow 


The new TN70 sow is based on the Norsvin Landrace and Z-line.
TN70 combines the best of two worlds: Prolificacy, weaning ability, and sow stayability with a top contribution to finishing pig quality.

TN70 produces large litters of strong, uniform piglets that excel in fast, feed efficient growth and carcass quality.

TN70 is:

  • Lowest cost price per piglet
  • The ultimate base female for the best Total Feed Efficiency

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