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Health and Environment

The goal of the research programme on health and environment is to provide solutions for the efficient genetic selection of pigs with an enhanced ability to keep up production despite a variety of challenges. In other words, robust pigs that perform without production dips in weight gain, feed conversion rate or number of pigs produced over time.

Animal welfare issues, such as tail biting and aggression, are also well covered in this research.

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Better pig welfare by innovative breeding

Breeding for more robust pigs with sound feet and legs can be achieved through breeding for better conformation, locomotion, and a reduction in lameness related to the condition osteochondrosis. Topigs Norsvins’ research found that selection for improved structural soundness is best executed as part of a balanced breeding goal. The longevity of the sow can be increased so that the sow can stay in production longer without reducing her welfare.

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Social and fast growing pigs

A pig’s social behaviour is partly genetic and so good behaviour can be selected for. This is one of the conclusions of a large-scale research project in the Netherlands that Topigs Norsvin was a partner in. The goal of the project was to investigate the opportunities to improve social interactions among pigs by incorporating these indirect genetic effects into the breeding programme and to explore the implications of this selection method.

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