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Topigs Norsvin forms nutrition group for better alignment feeding and genetics

December 22, 2015

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Topigs Norsvin has formed a special group of nutritionists to align feeding and genetics better. With the rapid genetic improvement of Topigs Norsvin genetics it is vital that sows and finishers get the right feeding so that their high genetic capabilities result in maximum performance. The newly formed nutrition group has members drawn from several countries and departments of Topigs Norsvin. The team is dedicated to improving total feed efficiency on our clients’ farms.

The team of 10 specialists combines a unique expertise on pig nutrition. This makes it possible to develop the right nutritional demands for Topigs Norsvin genetics and, just as important, to give advice to feed producers, advisors and farmers about the best feeding in terms of quantity and quality for Topigs Norsvin genetics. The nutrition group is also developing tools like the online Topigs Norsvin feeding monitors. (feedmonitor.topigsnorsvin.com)

Feeding modern, high-performance pigs is a matter of fine-tuning to their genetics. Due to their high potential, each line has its own specific nutritional needs. These differ per line but also are completely different compared with the genetics from just a few years ago, as genetic improvement has made major advances in recent years. The precision feeding of pigs according to their needs and based on their genetic background makes is possible to realize higher feeding efficiency and lower production costs.