German Warentest: Top Pi is the best on AutoFOM

German Warentest: Top Pi is the best on AutoFOM

Offspring from Topigs Norsvin Top Pi finisher boars score the best on AutoFOM. This is the outcome of the highly respected Warentest Mastferkel of Landwirtschaftskammer NRW in Germany. Top Pi offspring had €1.20 (Westfleisch grid) and €1.10 (Tönnies grid) better payment per carcass than the average of the test. For all sow lines used in the test, Top Pi offspring had the best AutoFOM results compared to the other lines tested.

The highest AutoFOM score and the highest yield on the one hand and the high daily gain and efficient feed use of the finishers on the other means that Top Pi offspring achieve the highest margin over feed. “We are working hard to develop the Top Pi in order to deliver the best margin to our producers,” says Eduard Eissing, General Manager of Topigs Norsvin in Germany. We are very happy that the Warentest confirms that our breeding efforts are providing results to our customers.’’

Topigs Norsvin continues to invest in the breeding programme of Top Pi with genomic selection and new technologies. An example of this is the start of a state-of-the-art new nucleus farm established in Germany in 2016. This farm will operate with full genomic selection, individual feed intake registration, comprehensive vitality and growth measurements as well as new phenotyping technology for meat content derived from CT scanning.

The Warentest Mastferkel compared the 4 leading Piétrain lines in Germany. Semen from these lines was used to inseminate four different sow lines, each at 6 different farms. Matings were done in May 2014 and the offspring were tested at the test station Haus Düsse and slaughtered at Westfleisch.


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