Brazilian cooperative Aurora chooses Topigs Norsvin

Brazilian cooperative Aurora chooses Topigs Norsvin

Brazilian cooperative Aurora has chosen Topigs Norsvin as its genetic partner to increase the genetic progress and quality of it’s swine production. Aurora will now be able to use the pure lines, breeding knowledge and expertise of Topigs Norsvin as well as Topigs Norsvin’s unique breeding database Pigbase.  The partnership will lead to about 100,000 sows with Topigs Norsvin genetics.

The partnership with Topigs Norsvin gives Aurora access to the very best genetics in the world. With this partnership the affiliated cooperatives of Aurora and their producers have access to the best genetic material and the high genetic progress realized by Topigs Norsvin. This will contribute to the success and growth of the cooperative and the profitability of swine production by its producers.”

About Aurora:
Cooperative Aurora annually produces and slaughters over 5.2 million pigs, making it the third largest pork producer in Brazil. Aurora is a top cooperative with 11 affiliated cooperatives and it is based in Chapecó (Santa Catarina). Besides pork production Aurora is active in poultry and dairy production. Aurora employs over 26,000 people.

Photo: members of the management and technical team of Aurora and Topigs Norsvin

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