Growing demand in Japan

Growing demand in Japan

There is a growing demand for high-quality genetics in Japan. Therefore Topigs Norsvin Japan, Hinode Bussan, imported pigs from Canada. The animals will be used for the population of a new high-health breeding farm, named Tokai II. The farm has a capacity of 220 sows plus rearing gilts. Tokai II is located in central Japan.

The Japanese market is asking for high-quality genetics. Japanese pig producers and vertically integrated pork producers recognise the value of Topigs Norsvin genetics. One of the most important traits is meat quality. Also the carcass yield, nowadays an important key performance indicator, of Topigs Norsvin genetics is significantly higher than that of competitors.

A growing number of Japanese producers realise that they must improve production efficiency without compromising quality. Other pig-producing countries are eager to export their pig meat to Japan and so Japanese producers must increase their productivity to remain competitive.

As the Transpacific Partnership Agreement now needs to be renegotiated, Japanese producers have extra time to improve their technical performance and be as competitive as possible.


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