Idavang switches to Topigs Norsvin genetics

Idavang switches to Topigs Norsvin genetics

Idavang with production in Russia and Lithuania is switching to Topigs Norsvin genetics. The current female genetics will gradually be entirely replaced with Topigs Norsvin TN70 genetics. Idavang will use Topigs Norsvin terminal boars (Talent, Top Pi, Duroc) to answer market needs as well as for production requirements. As a part of the partnership, Idavang will receive support and knowhow from Topigs Norsvin in the fields of breeding, performance management and artificial insemination.

Idavang has chosen Topigs Norsvin for the total package. The TN70 sow brings higher weanability and their offspring have better meat and carcass quality. Improving the total feed efficiency of the production and, in particular, the efficiency of the finishers are also important reasons for choosing Topigs Norsvin as a partner.

Lars Christiansen COO of Idavang Lithuania states; ‘’Topigs Norsvin is the ideal genetics partner for us. Not just for the quality of the genetics but also for the support and service.’’ Key Account Manager Bert van Meer of Topigs Norsvin: ‘’We are very proud that Idavang has chosen us as a partner and that we can contribute to Idavang’s success. It underlines the fact our genetics and support appeal to the important pig producers in the world.‘’

Idavang is the biggest pig producer in Lithuania and is among the 20 largest in the Russian market. The company produces over 800,000 pigs per year. Idavang runs a modern and highly professional pig production. Idavang was founded and is owned by Danish pig farmers and has IFC, part of the World Bank Group as a minority shareholder. Idavang is striving to be the leading producer of pigs in the Baltic states and Northwest Russia.

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