New breeding farm in Poland

New breeding farm in Poland

First there were dreams, next there were plans. After that a lot of work and finally a very proud farmer. After a long decision process Boguslaw Pralat, from the third generation of pig farmers, decided to populate his new farm with 263 Topigs Norsvin Z-line gilts.

Boguslaw Pralat decided to work in a three-week system. Each farrowing group consists of 35 sows. There are 4 rooms with 32 farrowing pens each plus one with an 8 additional farrowing boxes. Each box is accessible from both sides. There is enough space, so additional corridors have been made. There is good access to the sows and piglets without the need to step inside the pen. In cooperation with Cargill feeding company, Boguslaw Pralat decided to install a few rescue boxes for an expected excess of piglets.

The insemination rooms are planned to be used for 28 days. Later the sows will be moved to group housing with self-blocking individual boxes. The rearing rooms for the piglets are big enough to create very good conditions for multiplied gilts. For the older gilts a new stable will be built.

Big Dutchman was the supplier of the equipment. Boguslaw Pralat installed a cooling system with sprayers. This system will also be used to soak the rooms and boxes before cleaning. All necessary tools and well-trained personnel are available in this state-of-the-art stable.

The farm is situated in an area with a low density of pigs, far away from the main road. The farm meets high standards for animal welfare, safety and biosecurity. To maintain the SPF health level, all necessary precautions have been made to reduce health risks. For example, all goods entering the farm will pass through a UV compartment.

Starting the farm
Before population, Boguslaw Pralat and a special Topigs Norsvin team made a detailed plan for population, feeding and veterinarian issues. Maciej Ratajszczak (Polish service personnel’s representative) is in constant contact with the farmer. Eveline Willems DVM (Veterinarian Support & Development) visited the farm to improve all biosecurity details. All manuals have been translated into Polish, questions and doubts were discussed with a Topigs Norsvin specialist, and the software has been installed and checked by IT specialists.

The first inseminations will be done four weeks after the farm has been populated. These inseminations will be with L-line and Z-line. Stockhausen AI supplies the Z-line semen and the Topigs Norsvin Polksa cooperating AI provides the L-line semen.

During all stages of the production Maciej Ratajszczak will closely support the farm. When the first farrowing is done, Topigs Norsvin will assist with the first selections. As a part of service and training, Boguslaw Pralat came to the Netherlands. He visited Dutch multiplications farms, the Topigs Norsvin Research Centre and the Topigs Norsvin head office.

Initially the farm will produce 1500 to 2000 TN70 gilts per year, mainly for the Polish market. Animals will also be offered for open systems and replacements delivered from third-party farms. Topigs Norvsin also expect to populate smaller farms and, if necessary, to populate new InGene farms.

Boguslaw Pralat is planning to build a second farm to meet the growing demand for pigs in Poland. With his skills, enthusiasm and genetics the future is looking good.

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