New resting place in Germany

New resting place in Germany

Topigs Norsvin decided to establish its own resting places in the EU. These places are at strategic locations. The resting places are exclusively for Topigs Norsvin breeding animals. Last month we opened a new resting place in Germany.

The unit has been reconstructed, cleaned and disinfected to meet our strict demands for animal health, safety and welfare. The resting place is situated on a biosecure location in an area with a low density of pigs.

Resting places open for everybody are a big health risk. For reasons of animal welfare, the EU has implemented legislation that rest at an official rest place is compulsory for long distances (> 24 hours). Many vehicles have to follow the same procedure at these resting places. This is a severe threat as high-health pigs can be contaminated with pathogens from conventional pigs. With a own resting place only for Topigs Norsvin we eliminate this risk.

Topigs Norsvin has resting places in Germany and Finland. In the future there will come more Topigs Norsvin resting places.


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