TN70 x Top Pi are a perfect match

TN70 x Top Pi are a perfect match

The combined high potential of the Pietrain Top Pi boar and the new TN70 sow are a perfect match.

Results from several trials at commercial farms show that finishers of this combination perform significantly above the German average with high daily gain and low feed conversion rates. Results show daily gains of up to 970 gram per day with feed conversion rates of between 2.4 and 2.5.

The quality of the carcasses is nevertheless high. The trials show an average of 1.018 AutoFOM index points and the best farms score an index of 1.024. Producers praise the improved uniformity of the finisher pigs, which leads to easier management.

The TN70 sow was introduced in Germany in 2016. Now the first big batches of finishers from commercial farms are coming to market, a growing volume of data about the performance of the offspring is available. These data show the potential of the TN70 as a mother in combination with Top Pi for the production of modern, high-yielding finishers that give high profits.

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