Tenbrook farms about Tempo: High health brings out the best

Tenbrook farms about Tempo: High health brings out the best

In the United States, the Tempo boar is becoming more and more popular. Tempo takes pig production to the next level. The capacity for Tempo offspring to eat their way through challenges is beneficial to all producers, both large and small. The uniformity of the pigs and the high quality of the Tempo carcass are also important traits that make Tempo an attractive option for the US market. The Tempo boar will take pig production to a higher level via increased barn throughput, labour efficiency, lower mortality and total farm efficiency. Read about the experiences of Tenbrook Farms, a 8500-sow commercial system in Morris Minnesota selling 19-20 day isoweans.

Tenbrook Farms has been using the Tempo boar for several years. Co-owner Roger Koosman states: ‘Our customers want Tempo. Once, at a customer’s request, we stopped using Tempo for a while, but before long they asked us to start using Tempo again.’ That says a lot about how the Tempo is appreciated in grow-finish systems. ‘We even had old customers coming back to us because of the fact that we started using Tempo again.’

Best pigs ever

The Tempo boar is a relatively new product in the USA. This can create challenges for weaned pig producers, as they have to convince their customers to try something new. But most farmers are like Koosman, who learns the most when walking through a barn. ‘What I see is more valuable than what someone tells me.’

After one trial group, almost all of Koosman’s customers are positive about Tempo-sired pigs and want more. Roger mentions a reaction he got from a customer: Out of a batch of 2400 pigs only 2 died in the first 3 months, showing that Tempo are strong and robust. Other feedback Koosman has received includes: ‘They were the best pigs I have ever had.’

2 piglets per sow extra

Tempo offspring not only bring benefits to the customers of Tenbrook, they add value to Roger’s sow barns as well. The piglets are strong, robust and vigorous. Koosman: ‘We wean 2 piglets per sow extra due to Tempo.’ Also, the litters of Tempo are uniform and stay uniform. The pigs grow fast, an important quality for a weaned pig producer.

The Tempo boar makes it possible to keep a tight planning schedule and to sell batches of uniform piglets of high quality. ‘We have about 0.3% refusal of piglet by our clients. That is a sign of a high quality boar.’

Benefits of high health

After a long battle with PRRS, Tenbrook is finally PRRS-free. The Tempo-sired pigs performed well during the disease challenge, but with health now on the rise, the benefits are even greater. ‘We are now seeing the full potential of this line. My impression is that Tempo and high health enhance each other.’

Fairfield Genetics, the multiplier that supplies Tenbrook is now producing TN70s and Tenbrook is in the process of rolling their herd to the new Topigs Norsvin female, raising Koosman’s expectations even higher. The combination of these two high-capacity, modern genetic lines, Tempo and TN70, is going to be the ultimate match.’

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