The next steps in breeding

The next steps in breeding

Precision phenotyping will lead to big improvements in pig breeding. Better use of CT data by using the Pig Atlas, improved ultrasound scanning, big data and other new technology will lead to more precise data contributing to extra genetic progress.

The Pig Atlas contains actual and historical CT (computer tomography) scan data of over 25,000 pigs and can be used for breeding and research. With the Pig Atlas Topigs Norsvin can use more specific data to predict the carcass and meat quality of pigs. The development of the Pig Atlas is the next step in the use of CT scan technology in breeding. A step that can be called a revolution.

Read more about the Pig Atlas and other developments in breeding. Download this PDF to learn more about the next steps in breeding.

Pigs can be used for breeding and research: 25000 pigs

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