TN Pietrain

TN Pietrain

For producers that demand easy-in-use finishing pigs and produce for markets that value high lean meat yielding carcasses.

TN Pietrain achieves its unique competitive advantage by a meaty carcass with the highest yields of the most valuable primal cuts. Together with the industry’s lowest levels of boar taint and a breeding program focusing on improving animal welfare traits, the development of TN Pietrain is in line with future demands of producers and consumers alike.

Up to 2% higher carcass value on AutoFOM

TN Pietrain brings producers the most valuable carcasses on AutoFOM, as shown by the independent German Warentest for Pietrain terminal sires in 2016. TN Pietrain realizes this by having the highest carcass yield and the highest index points per kg carcass. This translates into a carcass that is up to 2% more valuable than the competition.

Competitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 3TN Pietrain
Carcass yield, %77.277.777.477.8
Lean meat AutoFOM, %62.462.762.963.1
Ham, kg18.818.919.219.1
Loin, kg7.
Belly lean meat AutoFOM, %59.960.860.761.3
Index points/kg*1.0201.0211.0251.029
AutoFOM carcass value**€164.7€165.9€165.9€167.4
TN Pietrain value advantage+€2.7+€1.5+€1.5-
Relative TN Pietrain advantage+2%+1%+1%-

Source: Warentest, Germany, 2016 *Westfleisch grid. **Calculated for a live weight of 123 kg and a meat price of €1.70/kg.

Up to 28% more carcasses free of boar taint

The independent German Warentest for Pietrains (2016) shows that use of TN Pietrain gives up to 28% more carcasses free of boar taint.

Competitor 1Competitor 2Competitor 3TN PietrainTN Pietrain advantage
% of low-boar taint carcasses67%49%73%77%+4% to + 28%

Source: Warentest, 2016, Germany

The world’s best breeding program for animal welfare

Healthier pigs and carcasses. Up to 2.5% reduction in carcass defects in the coming 5 years.
TN Pietrain offspring with reduced incidence of pneumonia,
pleuritis, bursitis and pericarditis. Innovative breeding approach based on more than 100,000 slaughter records.

Less congenital defects. On-farm incidences as low as 0.2%.
TN Pietrain genetic improvement program includes selection against splayleg, inguinal and scrotal hernia, umbilical hernia and cryptorchids.

Improved survival. 2% genetic improvement in preweaning survival achieved in the past 5 years.
The world’s first and most effective genetic program to improve pig survival.

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