TN Tempo

TN Tempo

For producers demanding fast barn throughput and efficiency to medium or heavy market weights in combination with a medium lean carcass.

TN Tempo is the industry’s no. 1 robust boar. TN Tempo offspring have
inherent tolerance to feed and disease challenges. They are bred for superior and uniform growth performance to heavy weights. TN Tempo’s high belly yields make it the packer’s favorite choice for highly valued bacon production.

Sell 10% more Full Value Pigs

Use of TN Tempo has a favorable effect on litter size at birth. Sows mated with TN Tempo farrow up to 5% more piglets compared with competitor boars. This, together with up to 5% higher survival
rates from birth to market, can give producers a total advantage of 10% more Full Value Pigs with TN Tempo.

Empty your barns 1 week earlier

The fast and uniform growth of TN Tempo offspring results in barns that can be emptied 1 week earlier compared to competitor boars. This makes labor more efficient and helps solve problems of limited finisher space.

Competitor averageTN Tempo
No. pigs600600
Start weight6 kg6 kg
Live market weight142 kg144 kg
Feed conversion2.482.48
Avg daily gain, wean-finish830 g/d862 g/d
Weeks on feed2322

USA, Customer trial, 2017

Up to 4% higher belly value

TN Tempo sired pigs have some of the US industry’s most valuable carcasses, due to their consistently higher belly yields, leading to significantly higher belly value per carcass.

Primal yields %Primal values $***
Industry avg.*TN Tempo avg.**Industry avg.TN Tempo avg.
Ham25.0 %24.8 %$36.0$35.8
Loin25.0 %25.0 %$45.1$45.3
Belly16.0 %16.5 %$68.7$71.1
Picnic11.0 %10.9 %$14.2$14.1
Butt10.0 %9.9 %$20.1$20.0
Ribs5.0 %5.0 %$14.0$14.1

* Source: Pork Checkoff
** Based on 4 US customer trials 2012-2017 comparing TN Tempo to 9 different competitor terminal sires
*** Avg live market weight 287 lbs; Primal values: National Daily Hog and Pork Summary, August 14, 2017

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