100 Years of progress by Topigs Norsvin – Carcass quality

Topigs Norsvin celebrates 100 years of progress. Meat and carcass quality has always been a key theme at Topigs Norsvin. A big milestone in carcass and meat quality was when Topigs Norsvin became the first and only swine genetics company to use CT scanning on a large scale. Introducing CT scanning was an important step in Topigs Norsvin’s breeding program because it was a new way to measure the carcass and meat quality.

The latest innovation by Topigs Norsvin is selecting primal yields by using CT scanning data. This means carcass value can be increased at the customer level by selecting for higher yields from the most valuable primals. This adds value for the integrated pork chain, especially where carcass value is based on the value of primals, such as the shoulder, loin, belly, and ham. With this latest application of CT technology, Topigs Norsvin takes a big innovative step forward and sets the new gold standard for genetic improvement of carcass value.

Click here to watch the selection for primal yields video on our vimeo channel for more information.

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