Alpha AI in Norway hub to the world for top genetics

In June 2017 the new AI center Norsvin Alpha in Norway began production, helping to meet the growing demand for Topigs Norsvin semen. The establishment of this AI center is an important step in the further development of our global distribution network for Norsvin Landrace and Norsvin Duroc genetics.

Norsvin Alpha is the largest of its kind in the Nordic region. The expected annual production is 500,000 doses of semen per year. Approximately 340,000 doses are for the Norwegian market and the rest for export. The AI center covers an area of 4,000 m2. The building is divided into four departments, with 6 m2 boar pens. For high biosecurity reasons, the new AI center is located in a remote mountain area.

High health in the mountains

The new station is an important step to safeguard the good health status of Norwegian pig production. A new and modern artificial breeding center is also important in meeting the growing international demand. Semen is currently exported to a number of countries in the Topigs Norsvin system, and the demand is on the rise. The opportunity for expansion is huge: each year more than 110 million slaughter pigs are produced using Topigs Norsvin genetics. The excellent animal husbandry and health in Norway, in combination with world-leading genetics, is an important competitive edge for the export of genetic products.

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