Topigs Norsvin introduces new semen extender

Topigs Norsvin is introducing a new semen extender called Solusem Bio+. This extender increases shelf life and has renewed antimicrobial composition and sperm cell protection. With Solusem Bio+, older semen can be used without any loss of fertilization or litter size. The new extender supports AI stations in improving the quality of their product. An extended shelf life also makes semen distribution easier and more efficient.

The new long-life extender has been thoroughly tested in lab trials and extensive field trials. In one of the field trials over 6500 sows on 12 commercial farms in the Netherlands were inseminated with semen produced using the Solusem Bio+ extender. Inseminations were done at different moments after semen production. The results of the trial clearly demonstrated that the moment of insemination had no significant effect on fertility, as no negative effects were observed for fertility rate or litter size compared to fresh semen.

Based on results from the lab and field trials, Topigs Norsvin decided to start to use this new Solusem Bio+ extender as its proprietary extender. It will be implemented during 2019 within the AI stations participating in the AIM Worldwide support program. AIM Worldwide is the AI brand of Topigs Norsvin and oversees the production of 13 million doses of semen annually.

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