Innovative breeding accelerates genetic progress

Topigs Norsvin is the world’s most innovative swine genetics company. With innovative breeding technology we accelerate genetic progress to realize high-quality pork and added value for our customers. Some examples:

CT technology

At our Delta stations in Norway and Canada, we test and CT scan 10,000 boars per year to improve carcass composition, robustness, and meat quality faster and more accurately.

Piglet weighing protocol

Since 2001, we have individually weighed over 12 million new-born piglets and this has led to substantial genetic improvements in piglet vitality and mothering abilities.

Meat quality research

We use consumer taste panels to gather data about pork eating quality and taste. Combined with data from slaughterhouses, this information is used to improve meat quality and to provide genetic solutions for the challenges slaughterhouses, processors, and retailers face.

Individual feeding stations

750 feeding stations worldwide register the individual feed intake of over 30,000 pigs per year to realize faster improvements in feed efficiency.

Indirect genetic effects

Performance is influenced by genetics and the environment. Selecting pigs that have a positive effect on pen mates improves daily gain and social behavior: a perfect example of balanced breeding that combines economics with animal welfare.

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