Julia’s tips to improve fertility results

Julia Linck Moroni is Jr. Global AIM Specialist and part of the Global AIM Services team. This team provides male and female reproduction support to clients worldwide.
Fertility rate is one of the key drivers for herd efficiency. However, it is not easily managed as a wide variety of factors influence it. Nevertheless, understanding and respecting basic management practices can lead to highly productive herds. When it comes to fertility, every detail matters. 

Julia’s tips to improve fertility results:

  1. Gilt rearing is the first crucial point to be considered. Invest time on adequate puberty stimulation and respect the minimum individual targets for the first breeding.
  2. Feed management and body condition must be optimized throughout the sow’s lifetime, as they directly influence the sow’s metabolic state, follicular development, oocyte quality, and embryonic survivability. 
  3. Stimulate sows with at least two quality teaser boars, preferably twice a day. This management not only allows heat identification but also stimulates follicular maturation and, ultimately, ovulation.
  4. Determine the optimal time for insemination. The closer to ovulation the breeding is performed, the better the results are. 
  5. Temperature control of semen doses is critical. Temperature fluctuations in storage and handling must be avoided. During insemination, give careful consideration to hygiene, provide adequate stimulus, and allow enough time for semen dose uptake.

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