Topigs Norsvin invests in new nucleus in Canada

Topigs Norsvin is investing in a new nucleus farm in the Canadian province of Manitoba. This represents the single biggest investment in the history of Topigs Norsvin. The new nucleus farm will be part of a bigger plan to upgrade and expand the nucleus capacity in Canada. The project also includes the renovation and expansion of several existing nucleus locations. With this investment, Topigs Norsvin will further accelerate genetic progress in the Z-line and E-line, and increase the production capacity of the D-line. The nucleus farm will become operational in the summer of 2022.

One of the innovations in the new nucleus will be the implementation of group gestation and loose farrowing. The aim is to be fully in line with future Canadian welfare legislation. This also means the genetic lines will be bred for this type of housing. A high biosecurity will be another important aspect in the project. The new nucleus is located in an area with a low pig density. In combination with high biosecurity protocols, strict transportation rules and high levels of health monitoring, this will ensure the highest health status and continuity of supply.

With the new nucleus farm and the investments in the existing farms, Topigs Norsvin expects to meet the growing demand for Topigs Norsvin genetics, and the USA in particular. It will also lead to accelerated genetic progress and faster dissemination of this genetic progress to our customers worldwide.

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