Topigs Norsvin launches new data exchange platform

Topigs Norsvin announces the launch of a new data exchange platform. The new platform has been created to facilitate the growing need for safe, reliable, and online information exchange between Topigs Norsvin and its worldwide business partners. It therefore brings global collaboration with our partners to the next level. The platform is a scalable open data platform in the cloud based on the latest web technology and makes use of ePIGS, the international Agri sector exchange standard for pigs from AgroConnect.

We built the platform together with VAA Data Works using REST-API(JSON) technology to develop farm-event-based web services as the building blocks. Other partners in the project are sow management system providers LeeO, PigExpert, and Christensen farms. Over the next few months, farms that use one of these sow management systems will be connected to the new data exchange platform. And at the same time, we will further develop this new technology for use with other sow management systems.

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