Topigs Norsvin partner in GITAH Porcino

Topigs Norsvin is partner in Grupo de Intercambio Tecnológico Argentino Holandés (GITAH Porcino). The aim of this public-private partnership is to contribute together with local stakeholders to a better pork production in Argentina. GITAH Porcino focuses on knowledge exchange, network building and the positioning of Dutch business in Argentina.

GITAH Porcino is a cluster of 10 Dutch companies in pig production: Topigs Norsvin, Nooyen Pig Flooring, Nedap, VDZ Trading, Roodbont Publishers, Agrifirm, MS Schippers, Agrovision, Hotraco Group and LeeO. Wageningen University & Research participates as partner and JV-events is the coordinator of the initiative. The Dutch government supports this initiative.

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