Vall Companys chooses the Topigs Norsvin TN70 sow

Vall Companys, one of Europe’s leading agri-food groups, will expand the share of TN70 sows in their production systems. In the coming years, the percentage of TN70 sows will grow to become a significant percentage of Vall Companys’ production pyramid. Vall Companys’ integration houses about 200,000 sows. Vall Companys will produce TN70 on its own breeding farms but will also buy gilts from production units that are under Topigs Norsvin’s control. Furthermore, Vall Companys will increase the use of Topigs Norsvin finisher boars in its production.

The Spanish company has chosen the TN70 based on several internal trials in which they could confirm TN70’s characteristics: superb mothering abilities, high production, and robustness. The offspring also performed at a high and efficient level in the finishing phase. Combined with high carcass and meat quality this led to a high total throughput and yield that resulted in extra profitability.

Vall Companys is also pleased about the focus on innovation and research that drives Topigs Norsvin developments. This makes Topigs Norsvin a long-term leading genetic partner that contributes to the company’s success.

“The choice of Vall Companys for Topigs Norsvin TN70 is once again proof that the sow suits the needs of modern, high-performance, integrated production systems,” says Alfonso Arenillas Lorente, country manager Spain and Portugal. “It combines high production, efficiency, and quality with traits of the future like low labor input, longevity, robustness, and vitality. With all these traits it also fulfills the demands for a sustainable pig production.”

About Vall Companys:
Vall Companys Group is a family-owned, agri-food group and a leading company in Spain. The company was founded in 1956 and is associated with 2,105 farmers. The operational model of Vall Companys Group is based on integrating all phases of the production process as well as the work of its highly trained professionals in their respective fields of activity. Vall Companys guarantees complete traceability in all processes, in addition to high food safety and optimal and consistent product quality.


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