100 Years of progress by Topigs Norsvin – Piglet survival

A key milestone during 100 years of progress by Topigs Norsvin is the introduction of piglet survival and mothering abilities in our breeding goals about 25 years ago. These were the first steps in our balanced breeding approach.

We not only breed for big litters but also take into account the robustness and vitality of the piglets and the mothering abilities of the sows. That makes it possible to produce more pigs per sow per year without increasing losses. The strong and vigorous pigs also have a problem-free start, which pays off during the entire production phase: fewer losses during finishing, more efficient feed use, fewer health problems, and less labor input. Good health and high survival rates are desirable qualities for piglets in terms of both efficiency and sustainability. Topigs Norsvin breeds robust piglets and finishers that are born survivors.

This ensures that genetic progress by Topigs Norsvin contributes not just to higher production but also to better – so a more profitable – pork production. We combine this with meeting society’s demands for better animal welfare and more sustainable production. That way, Topigs Norsvin continues to take its responsibility so that pork production has a viable future.

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