Tips to unlock the genetic potential of the TN Duroc

Chris Opschoor is Manager Global Nutrition Services. Global Nutrition Services provides advice to feed producers, advisors, and our customers about the best feeding levels and quality to unlock the maximum potential of Topigs Norsvin genetics.

We recently launched our new terminal boar: TN Duroc. TN Duroc finishers are capable of high protein deposition and high growth rates. High performance is achieved with the right diets which need to cover the daily requirements of the animals. These are reported in our new TN Duroc feeding manual, which is the result of our own research and data validation on Topigs Norsvin nucleus and test farms. The feeding manual can be obtained via the website

Tips to unlock the genetic potential of the TN Duroc:

  1. Support gut development and safety in the early growth period up to 50 kilos live weight.
  2. Keep track of feed intake during the early growth phase. It can develop rapidly, so make sure you can utilize this in the right way by adapting diets in terms of digestibility and density of the diet.
  3. Invest in gain in the phase from 50 to 80 kilos bodyweight. The capacity to realize efficient weight gain will rapidly increase in this phase. Feed the pig to utilize its full potential.
  4. Feed intake capacity of TN Duroc finishers will increase during the finisher phase. Therefore keep track of this to adapt diets in time in terms of nutritional value.
  5. Supply sufficient energy and lysine in the end of the finishing phase (85-130 kilos). Remember that the capacity of lean gain is still there, but the feed conversion is lower than in other breeds.

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