40 million pigs in Topigs Norsvin’s breeding database Pigbase

Pigbase, Topigs Norsvin’s breeding database, now contains data from more than 40 million breeding pigs. Pigbase contains pig data gathered at nucleus farms, commercial farms, and slaughterhouses. It also contains genomic data and data gathered from cut-out sessions, CT scans and other innovative measuring protocols used in our breeding program and research.

The 40 millionth pig in Pigbase is a piglet born mid-March at Calvern Farms, a Topigs Norsvin nucleus farm in Canada. Calvern Farms breeds TN Tempo sire line and is part of the new breeding infrastructure being built up in Manitoba, Canada. The centerpiece of this is the new central testing station Delta Canada that will become operational this summer and will test TN Tempo and Z-line dam lines.

Pigbase links the Topigs Norsvin breeding farms with each other, thus creating a single large population of breeding pigs. Worldwide a total of more than 1000 breeding farms in over 40 countries are included in Pigbase. This makes it possible to achieve high genetic progress and to rapidly disseminate this around the world to our customers.

Photo: Eric Penner and Cathy Penner of Calvern Farms with the 40 millionth pig in Pigbase

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