New breeding facilities: Creating maximum genetic progress

Topigs Norsvin and its partners makes huge investments in R&D to set the standard in pig breeding with the aim to create maximum genetic progress according to the needs of the pork value chain. In several places in the world, we are building new breeding facilities, with the aim to improve our genetics faster and bring this improvement faster to our customers. A number of these investments are:

  • Canada: Delta Canada

In Manitoba, Canada, Topigs Norsvin is constructing Delta Canada, a new high tech research center that will drive genetic progress in global selection lines. Similar to the state-of-the-art Delta test station in Norway, high precision technologies, such as CT scanning, camera technology, and automatic feed intake recording equipment, are used to select the best individual animals. The investment in this new innovative research center will increase genetic progress and strengthen the distribution of Topigs Norsvin genetics.

Delta Canada has a test capacity of 7,500 boars per year. This is double the size of Delta in Norway and will be used for testing and selecting the sire line TN Tempo and the dam line Z-line. Delta Canada will be operational in summer 2018.

  • Canada: Calvern Farms and Green Ash Farms

With the investment in the Delta Canada research center in Canada, a number of new genetic nucleus sow herds were also established. When Delta Canada is operational, these farms will be providing animals to the research center.

Calvern Farms, operated by the Penner family, made investments to reconstruct their farm into a sire line genetic nucleus herd. The farm was depopped in 2016 and repopped with Topigs Norsvin SPF breeding animals during the winter of 2016-2017. The first animals were tested in the summer of 2017.

Green Ash Farms, operated by the Reavy family, is already for a long time a SPF breeding farm for sow line genetics within the Topigs Norsvin structure. In early 2017, an agreement was made to become a genetic nucleus operation. During 2017, investments in data collection protocols and training of staff were done to contribute high quality phenotypes and selection to the breeding program.

  • Germany: Kuhlenkamp

During the winter of 2017-2018, a new genetic nucleus facility for 250 TN Select boar mothers was constructed in Hessen, Germany by the Kuhlenkamp family. The farm will be equipped with automatic feed intake recording equipment and live muscle scanning technology. The new breeding farm, with the Topigs Norsvin SPF health status, will help to supply the fast growing demand for
SPF TN Select boars in Europe.

  • France: TojaPigs

In 2017, a new test barn has been constructed by TojaPigs in the region of Meuse, France. TojaPigs is a company owned by the Dutch family Janssen. The new test facility, which has the Topigs Norsvin SPF health status,is an important center for the distribution of high quality Topigs Norsvin dam line genetics in Europe and globally.

  • France: Fortin

In 2018, the A-line genetic nucleus farm owned by the Fortin family, is expanded and a new test facility will be constructed. The farm will be equipped with automatic feed intake recording equipment and live muscle scanning technology. The farm, which has the Topigs Norsvin SPF health status, will be a major center for development and distribution of the robust maternal A-line.

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