Topigs Norsvin opens Delta Canada research center

On June 27, Topigs Norsvin held the official opening of its new research center Delta Canada. The opening event was visited by almost 1000 customers and other relations. Delta Canada is an important step in the further development of Topigs Norsvin as a global supplier of genetics. It makes it easier and faster to supply customers in the USA and Canada, in particular, but also the rest of the world with the latest top genetics. The first boars will leave the center at end of this year.
Hans Olijslagers CTO of Topigs Norsvin: “Delta Canada will substantially increase the genetic progress in our Z-line and TN Tempo. It is part of Topigs Norsvin’s long-term breeding strategy and will substantially contribute to our target of doubling genetic progress in the coming period.”

Located near Woodlands in Manitoba, Canada this new research center has been built with the latest technology to provide maximum animal welfare, highest level biosecurity, and minimal environmental impact. The location is isolated from other pig production and yet it is still close to Winnipeg Richardson International Airport, which makes it possible to export high-health boars and semen with the highest genetic value to our customers. The total investment is € 10 million or CAN$ 15 million.

Delta Canada houses 2600 pigs and will test 7500 young nucleus boars of the TN Tempo sire line and the Z-line dam line every year. Delta Canada, just like the Delta center in Norway, is equipped with IFIR feeding stations for individual feed intake registration and a CT scanner that makes it possible to improve carcass composition, robustness, and meat quality faster and with greater accuracy.

Watch this video of the building of Delta Canada.

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