Precision feeding tool fine-tuned for each genetic package

Modern feeding technology allows pig producers to be far more precise with the feed given to individual pigs. Obviously, the benefit for the producer is that more closely matching the feed intake with the nutrient requirements leads to less waste and higher performance. However, producers cannot benefit from this advanced technology unless the individual requirements at every point on the growth curve are known.

The feed and feed efficiency research platform of Topigs Norsvin recorded extensive data on the daily feed intake of individual commercial crossbred pigs during the finishing phase of their growth. Individual weights were recorded at birth, weaning, and at several time points during the finishing phase. The data were analyzed to estimate the parameters required to draw the growth curve and weight of each individual at a given age. The end result of this research project is a tool that predicts the weight and feed intake of Topigs Norsvin genetics simply by entering the animal’s age.

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