Caroline’s tips for better meat quality

Caroline Mitchell2

Caroline Mitchell is member of the Topigs Norsvin Meat Group. This is a group of researchers and meat specialists from around the world who use their combined knowledge to support technological quality, eating quality and all other aspects of pork quality. Caroline’s tips for better meat quality are:

  • The consumer is the most important member of the supply chain. Without a consumer we have no need to produce meat. Therefore, business decisions at all stages of a supply chain should be made with the consumer in mind.
  • The starting point of any meat supply chain is the genetics. Choose the best genetics and build in optimization from there.
  • Meat quality does not negatively affect production efficiencies, often by improving production efficiencies meat quality is also improved.
  • To be able to manage traits we need to be able to measure them, Topigs Norsvin is continuously carrying out meat quality assessments, across multiple markets, to ensure that the Topigs Norsvin product is always improving.
  • All stages of the supply chain affect meat quality. So use the combined expertise of the Topigs Norsvin global services teams to improve meat quality.

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